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War in Ukraine:

German clients have asked whether and to what extent the services of aproxito’s Indian business partners are affected by the war in Ukraine.

In view of the unbearable situation, the horrific images, the suffering of the people in and from Ukraine, a personal note is first necessary before giving a concrete answer to this question: Our sympathy and support go to the people in and from Ukraine who are suffering through no fault of their own to an unimaginable extent, and who are not only fighting for their country and for their freedom, but also for our common values!

In this sense, aproxITo has donated for the people in and from Ukraine, e. g. by transferring a donation on the occasion of a benefit concert of the TSG grammar school in St. Georgen.

Now to the specific question. As things stand at the moment, we have the following assessment:

  • One of aproxito’s Indian business partners clearly stated: “We confirm that we have zero exposure & none of our services are impacted by this.”
  • To aproxito’s knowledge, our Indian business partners are not represented in Eastern Europe with any subsidiaries or personnel or infrastructure. This also applies to most other Indian companies.
  • Only those Indian providers who have established a broad international presence due to their size and who consciously want to offer non-English speaking services and/or local services in Eastern Europe may possibly be affected to a relatively small extent.
  • From a technical point of view, due to the increasing cloud computing services, the influences will largely be mitigated by mirrored and distributed infrastructures by the large cloud providers.
  • As an indirect impact, it can be expected that at least some IT services will be relocated from Russia and Belarus to India. Despite the seemingly large numbers of jobs affected, however, the impact on the Indian labour market as a whole will be rather negligible, as the number of IT employees in India is many times higher and the overall impact of increasing global digitalisation is much stronger, not least since Covid.
  • Other indirect effects may affect all of us, e.g. certain hotlines may be harder to reach, the production of special IT equipment (e.g. printers, etc.) may be affected, flight routes to Asia will presumably become longer by avoiding Russian airspace, etc.

As a concrete answer to the above question, we can thus summarise: The services of aproxito’s Indian business partners are not affected by the war in Ukraine.

Additional background information: Before the decision was made to work with providers from India, Ulrich Dietz had already visited providers in Belarus and elsewhere in 1999. Already at that time, the challenge was faced of weighing up the contradictory impressions from the encounters with friendly and competent people on the one hand, and the restrictions imposed by the political framework conditions on the other. Since then, aproxito has clearly decided that global sourcing / global shoring is not only about price and quality, but that ethical and political aspects must also be taken into account. The usual country risk ratings, e.g. from Dun&Bradstreet and Allianz Trade (formerly Euler-Hermes), are very helpful from a technical point of view, but do not fully cover ethical issues. Those who want more information can find a variety of supplementary sources of information, e.g. in the Democracy Index of The Economist, Transparency International, at Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans Frontieres), in the Human Development Index of the United Nations, in the data of ourworldindata.org, etc., etc. In overall terms, the issue is multi-layered and once decisions are taken, they have to be questioned again and again. In sum, India was and still is a preferred source for aproxito.


Despite COVID-19:

aproxITo could and can still be reached via the usual electronic channels, i.e. email, phone, XING, Skype and other common video and web conferencing tools etc. Although the number of face-to-face meetings was reduced at times, telephone and web conferencing were always still possible and have now become an important part of the “new normal”. Likewise, the services of our business partners in offshore have also been and continue to be provided throughout with only extremely minor restrictions, in some cases from home offices. 

For our clients, this situation has not only disadvantages, as the following client quote shows: “… has adapted exceptionally well to working in a COVID-19 world. The team continues to above-and-beyond in delivering great work during these challenging times. The team is working remotely in an extremely effective manner, and I would almost say that the team is working better than ever!” We keep our fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy!

Although we do not yet know what the “new normal” will ultimately look like, most agree on the following points:

  • The Corona crisis has forcibly changed habits and ways of working. Home office and remote collaboration will remain in some form, at least for software development and engineering tasks.
  • As in previous crises, the advantages of scalability and cost savings have once again become apparent.
  • The crisis has accelerated digitalisation in general. Projects are becoming even more agile and time pressure will continue to increase.
  • This will significantly exacerbate the shortage of skilled workers, also due to the progressing demographic change.
  • Most companies now have more positive experiences of their own with remote collaboration (“home shoring”) and are more open to “global shoring”.

As a first conclusion: Global Shoring works well even in these times of crisis!

We look forward to meeting you and all our business friends again in person.

Stay safe and sound!

With best wishes and a cordial greeting
Ulrich Dietz


Looking Back


31.05. – 02.06.2022: digitalBAU 2022 at Cologne:

digitalBAU trade fair 2022

digitalBAU trade fair 2022

Digitalisation is an important topic also in the construction industry. The digitalBAU trade fair 2022 gave a good overview of the market situation and of the processes and tools that can be used, both in software and in hardware.

Moreover of course, there were many exciting personal conversations and discussions. Many thanks to all those who spoke with us!



26. – 28.04.2022: DMEA 2022 in Berlin:

Back to life! at DMEA 2022

Back to life! at DMEA 2022

According to its own statements, DMEA is Europe’s leading trade fair for the digitalisation of healthcare. It combines trade fair, experts congress and networking. Since aproxito works with business partners who have many years of experience and special expertise in the field of IT / SW development for the healthcare sector, Ulrich Dietz was present again this year during this event.

DMEA 2022

DMEA 2022

Back to life: Not only we were very pleased that personal contacts were now possible again!

Like in the previous years, there were again many constructive discussions, many new products, projects and business ideas. A big thank you to all the conversation partners!



13.12.2021 – Honorary Membership of the Elephants Club for Ulrich Dietz

At the general meeting and with the completion of the regular election period, Ulrich Dietz ended his many years of successful work as treasurer on the board of the charitable Elephants Club. The Elephants Club e. V. is an executive network of the IT industry and combines business networking with voluntary social commitment. During his time as treasurer, Ulrich Dietz was able to transfer more than 170,000 EUR in donations for the Club’s charitable goals, especially for international understanding, education and youth welfare. It was an ideal time to pass on the duties, since this year with the renewed, unconditional exemption of the tax authorities for the past three years, his work as treasurer had again been confirmed. After many years as an Advisory Board member, as an financial auditor and most recently more than six years as Treasurer on the Board of the Club, the General Assembly awarded Ulrich Dietz the Honorary Membership of the Elephants Club.

Some pictures with highlights of the past years are shown once again below.

Some pictures of the past years

01.12.2021 – Annual General Meeting of the Economic Council (Wirtschaftsrat) Section Villingen-Schwenningen / Donaueschingen with new election of the Section Board

At the Annual General Meeting of the members of the section Villingen-Schwenningen / Donaueschingen of the Economic Council (Wirtschaftsrat), Dr. Dietz was elected again as a member of the Section Board. Due to the Conona-related restrictions, the meeting was held via video conference, so unfortunately there are no pictures for this event.

23. – 24.11.2021 – BIM World Munich 2021

BIM World Munich 2021

BIM World Munich 2021

Just in time before a renewed tightening of the COVID-19 contact restrictions, this year’s expert event “BIM World Munich 2021” took place. It was a pleasure to see that the exhibition space had been increased as compared to the previous event in 2019, which indicates an increasing interest in the topic of BIM (Building Information Modeling). Once again, the exhibition was mainly supported by suppliers who presented the breadth of their existing offerings.

During aproxITo’s visit, there was a special focus on personal meetings with clients and business partners. Many thanks to all who took the time during this exciting event!



16.06.2021 – Congratulations to the team of “Cubic Racing”!

The team of “Cubic Racing“, supported by aproxITo with a donation, wins the German Champion in the competition “F1 in Schools”. In total, more than 100 teams from almost 50 schools from all over Germany participated. Big congratulations to this brilliant result in the Germany-wide competition!

This also means that the “Cubic Racing” team can now participate in the final international competition. aproxITo wishes them every success in this competition too and keeps fingers crossed that the international competitions will take place in times of Corona nevertheless.

07.06.2021 – aproxITo gives a donation for the competition „F1 in Schools“

Handover of the MINT Education Partner Certificate

Handover of the MINT Education Partner Certificate

aproxITo supports the regional MINT education with a donation. MINT stands for Mathematics, Information technology, Natural sciences and Technology. The donation is in favor of the „Cubic Racing“ team of the regional high school to enable participation in the „F1 in Schools“ competition.

“Formula 1 in Schools” or, internationally, “F1 in Schools” is an international competition for school students that is held in over 50 countries. The objective of the competition is to develop a small racing car, powered by a CO2 cartridge, by using CAD modeling and optimizing it in terms of fluid dynamics, to name just a few challenges, and then to manufacture it or have it manufactured by means of CNC or 3D printing. The vehicles of all participating teams then compete against each other in test races, and race times are measured and recorded.

In addition to the results from the race runs, more evaluation criteria are included in the overall result. For example, written presentations and explanations (“portfolios”) on technology, management, processes and cost-efficiency as well as teamwork and oral presentations are also assessed.

For its support, aproxITo received a certificate as a MINT Education Partner, see picture.

09.02.2021 – Experience Exchange with CIOs, CEOs and Experts – Donation for Children in South Africa

A lot has changed since the beginning of the Corona crisis. While aproxITo receives directly the impressions from our offshore business partners and our customers in the German-speaking region, there are of course also many other insights and experiences at other companies that are striving with different frame conditions and approaches to overcome the particular challenges of this difficult time in order to achieve the best for the people and the companies.

A good opportunity for a broad exchange of experiences with CIOs, CEOs and experts was provided at an online event of the Elephants Club on 09. February 2021. As speakers and discussion partners had made themselves available:

  • Tobias Fausch, CIO BayWa AG
  • Stefan Auerbach, CEO Lufthansa Systems and CRO Eurowings Aviation
  • Leon Heymann, Hotelier and Member of the board DEHOGA Bundesverband
  • Torsten Körber, Basler Versicherungen Head of Operations and BCM Manager

The speakers reported on their experiences so far and were available via online chat for questions from the participants. Many thanks for this!

Donation for Children in South Africa

Donation for Children in South Africa

It is a good tradition of the Elephants Club that a charitable project is presented preferably at every event and that the participation fees collected are used for this purpose (if it is not a free online event) and donations are also collected.

At the on-site attendance events of the Elephants Club, suggestions for donations are welcome from the respective hosts, of course within the framework of the charitable goals of the Elephants Club. At this online event, Ulrich Dietz as treasurer of the Elephants Club was able to use the suggestion of a member of the Elephants Club in coordination with the board: The donation of this event went to the association “Colours for Kids“, which helps children in South Africa, in particular with activities for education and training, i.e. in line with the Club’s objectives. The chairperson of Colours for Kids, Dorothee Holly, had told the treasurer Ulrich Dietz in a preparatory discussion about a whole series of aid projects that are due to take place in the near future. In particular, a new classroom is to be built for the Embabe School in Kwam-Bonambi. Today, there are on average more than 60 children in a classroom and the number is expected to increase soon. A new classroom is therefore urgently needed!

In this case, treasurer Ulrich Dietz was able to promise a donation of 3,000 euros from the Elephants Club to the Colours for Kids association and virtually hand over the subsequent donation cheque. Subsequently, the promised donation could even be topped up by further donations.

Donation Cheque

Donation Cheque


14.10.2020 – With the Elephants Club at Deutsche Telekom’s Innovation Centre

At an event organised by the Elephants Club at Deutsche Telekom’s Innovation Centre on 14th of October 2020, a donation was once again presented to a charitable project. This time, the selection of the donation project was based on current political and social discussions.

Übergabe eines Spendenschecks für Projekte gegen Hass im Netz

Handover of a donation cheque for projects against hate on the net

One of the focal points of the Elephants Club’s social commitment is the topic of international understanding. International understanding does not only take place on other continents and in other countries, but also in our society.

So it was a fortunate coincidence that just during the discussion about the selection of the donation project, a television spot was broadcast by Deutsche Telekom, which addressed the problem of hat on the internet. This TV spot was now a good reason for the Elephants Club to award the donation in line with the activities of the host of the event.

Together with the board of the Elephants Club, Dr Dietz was able to virtually hand over a donation cheque for 6,000 euros for projects against hate on the net after this very exciting and successful event.


26. – 27.11.2019 – BIM World Munich

BIM World Munich 2019

BIM World Munich 2019

The event at Munich clearly showed that BIM (Building Information Modeling) is becoming more and more established in the German-speaking market – with concrete projects, tools and processes. The exhibition was mainly supported by vendors who presented the breadth of their existing offerings.

As last year, there were again many opportunities for expert discussions and for gathering up-to-date information.





19.11.2019 – Annual General Meeting of the Economic Council (Wirtschaftsrat) Section Villingen-Schwenningen / Donaueschingen with new election of the Section Board

Vorstand Villingen-Schwenningen / Donaueschingen

New Section Board Villingen-Schwenningen / Donaueschingen (left in the picture: Dr. Dietz)

At the Annual General Meeting of the members of the section Villingen-Schwenningen / Donaueschingen of the Economic Council (Wirtschaftsrat), Dr. Dietz was elected again as a member of the Section Board.

The event was rounded off with a visit to the VS-Schwenninger ice hockey club Wild Wings.


Wild Wings

Wild Wings









05.11.2019 – With the Elephants Club at the DFB (German Football Association):

Digitalization in Sports – what Connects Sports and Business


– this was the subject of the event, to which the Elephants Club had invited to DFB GmbH in Frankfurt on 5th of November 2019.

Elephants Club bei der DFB GmbH

Elephants Club at the DFB GmbH

At the beginning of the event, the Elephants Club was presented again: As a non-profit association and network of personalities from the IT management sector, the Elephants Club combines industry-independent networking with strong social commitment.

The members of the Elephants Club are connected by common values and are jointly committed to the goals of the club. The guiding principle is international understanding with the aim of promoting international attitudes and tolerance. With this goal, measures for youth welfare as well as for education and training are particularly promoted.

The technical part of the event started with a lecture by Rolf Schumann on “The digitalisation of the sportive human being” and showed how digitalisation changes everything: from sports to human beings.


The Digitalisation of the Sportive Human Being

Rolf Schumann talks about Digitalization

Rolf Schumann talks about Digitalization

In his impressive presentation, Rolf Schumann also reported with a great deal of apt humour on his personal experiences with digitalisation: with great opportunities where it is already well advanced, but also with conflicts in established business models when the opportunities are not recognised and the challenges are not mastered. The challenges of the Digital Transformation range from the “Analog Ego” to the “Digital Ego” and the “Digital Possibilities” to the living environment with a digitalised environment.

The participants of the event will certainly remember for a long time the video he showed with an example where paper cannot be replaced by IT equipment in the foreseeable future ;-).

All in all, it was an extraordinary lecture that will be remembered.



What Connects Sports and Business

Dr. Frank Biendara erläutert die Struktur des DFB

Dr. Frank Biendara explains the structure of the DFB

The second technical lecture was given by Dr. Frank Biendara, Managing Director of the DFB GmbH and in this role CIO of the DFB.

Dr. Biendara gave an impressive presentation of the requirements which the DFB’s structure and size put on IT. With DFBnet, for example, the DFB supports 25,000 clubs, 160,000 teams and 1.9 million matches per season.

Central IT Platforms of DFB

Central IT Platforms of DFB






The IT applications should support the football players in all their roles and tasks, before the game, on the day of the game and after the game. This should allow the athletes to concentrate on what is important – the sport and not the administration. Amateur athletes also increasingly want to understand and compare their performance data. And fans and parents also want to be informed about and experience the activities and successes. So the requirements for IT now go far beyond the “classic” processes involved in administration, ticketing and merchandising and are in fact – as the title of the event suggests – comparable with the requirements in non-sport business.


Mexico Aid of the DFB Foundation Egidius Braun

Dr. Dietz übergibt Spendenscheck an Oliver Bierhoff

Dr. Dietz hands over a donation cheque to Oliver Bierhoff in favour of the DFB’s Mexico Aid

As a further highlight of the event, Oliver Bierhoff, member of the DFB Presidential Board and Managing Director of the DFB National Teams and Football Development, gave an insight into current topics concerning the DFB and the German national team.

Oliver Bierhoff is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the DFB Foundation Egidius Braun. Fully in accordance with the charitable aims of the Elephants Club, the DFB Foundation Egidius Braun supports educational projects for children and young people in Mexico through its Mexico Aid (Mexico-Hilfe).

Since all members of the Elephants Club’s board of directors and advisory councils work on a purely voluntary basis and without any remuneration, all income and donations on the occasion of the event could be allocated to this charity project. As treasurer of the Elephants Club, Dr. Dietz was therefore able to surprise Oliver Bierhoff with a donation cheque for 10,000 EUR in favour of the Mexico Aid!


A Great Event

The following picture gives an impression of the final networking:

Freude über eine gelungene Veranstaltung (v.l.n.r.: Dr. U. Dietz, S. Theissen, Dr. F. Biendara, D. Hartert, R. Schulten)

Thrilled with a successful event (f.l.t.r.: Dr. Ulrich Dietz, Swen Theissen, Dr. Frank Biendara, Daniel Hartert, Ralf Schulten)



29. + 30.10.2019 – DigitalX at Cologne

Digital X 2019

Digital X 2019

DigitalX, organized by Deutsche Telekom, has in a short time developed into a major attraction for the IT industry and a successor to CeBIT.

10,000 participants per day, 180 speakers, 6 stages and 150 km fiber optic cable speak for themselves and show the dimensions of the event.

Exclusively for the members of the Elephants Club there was a guided tour to the most exciting exhibition stands of DigitalX, see the following pictures.

Elephants Club auf der DigitalX 2019

Elephants Club at the DigitalX 2019





Elektrisches Flugtaxi

Electric air taxi




Neue Mobilitätskonzepte

New Mobility Concepts








Cloud Solutions










… and many more!


24.10.2019 – General Meeting of the Elephants Club with new Elections of the Board

Vorstand des Elephants Club mit Rechnungsprüferin und einem der neugewählten Beiräte

Elephants Club Board with auditor and one of the members of the Advisory Board


At the annual general meeting of the Elephants Club, Dr. Dietz was re-elected to the board and confirmed in his role as treasurer of the club.









27.06.2019 – Meeting with the Elephants Club on the topic of “Successful Customer Experience – Digital Transformation in Print”

Participants of the Elephants Club event at idee Druckhaus GmbH

Participants of the Elephants Club event at idee Druckhaus GmbH

Again, aproxito supported an exciting event of the Elephants Club about digital transformation. The event took place in a printing house, the idee Druckhaus GmbH. The print sector is gaining more and more importance due to the ever shorter attention span of customers because of overloading with more and more digital impressions. However, the print sector must also transform itself digitally and become more agile and individual.

The event was opened with a competent keynote address by Sandro van Es, Marketing Lecturer at the Berufsakademie für Medienberufe in Cologne and former Head of Online Marketing at REWE Group, on the subject of digital transformation and its significance for the customer journey for potential customers. In his lecture, he impressively explained the challenges faced by companies as a result of ever-increasing digitalisation and networking.


Handover of the golden pin to a new member of the Elephants Club

Handover of the golden pin to a new member of the Elephants Club

Afterwards there was the possibility to visit the shop floor of idee Druckhaus GmbH with ultramodern printing machines and to get a small insight into the printing and production processes.

It was a special pleasure to welcome a new member of the Elephants Club and to present him with the golden pin of the Elephants Club.

As usual, this event also featured the presentation of a charitable project proposed by the host.

The event was rounded off by the opportunity to network together.




05.02.2019 – With the Elephants Club at the BMW Group IT on the subject of “Agile Working” (“Agiles Arbeiten”)

Vortrag von Klaus Straub, CIO von BMW, zum Thema

Presentation of Klaus Straub, CIO of the BMW Group, on the subject “Agile Working”

By volunteering, aproxito supported a new event of the Elephants Club, which took place right at the beginning of the new year at the BMW Group IT in Munich.

The event was opened with a keynote address by Klaus Straub, CIO and Senior Vice President of the BMW Group, on the topic of agile working and transformation. The event gave an insight into how this transformation was managed at the BMW Group IT. Another presentation dealt with the question of how a service provider adjusts to working with an agile customer. Then, in two workshop rounds of 30 minutes each, special topics such as Agile Tool Chain, BizDevOps, Blockchain, Cloud, UX Design and VR/AR were worked on together with experts of the BMW Group IT. In this way, each of the 150 participant was given the opportunity to deepen two topic areas in small working groups, and it was shown how an agile corporate culture is driven in an industrial environment by innovative processes, tools and new technologies via IT and into the specialist areas of a major DAX company. Because agile working is a topic not only for the IT people!

Donation to a Charitable Project

Dr. Dietz presents a thank-you to the CIO of the BMW Group, Klaus Straub (from left to right: Marlene Zierheim, Dr. Ulrich Dietz, Klaus Straub)

Dr. Dietz presents a thank-you to the CIO of the BMW Group, Klaus Straub (from left to right: Marlene Zierheim, Dr. Ulrich Dietz, Klaus Straub)

Fully in the good tradition of the Elephants Club, a charitable project proposed by the BMW Group IT was presented at the end of the event: The donations will go entirely to a school and education project for street children in Kenya. The charitable project was presented with slides and videos to the participants by Marlene Zierheim, chairperson of the supporting association “kidsneedfuture e.V.”.

As treasurer of the Elephants Club, Dr. Dietz, together with Klaus Straub, was able to present a donation cheque for 8,000 EUR to the German association kidsneedfuture e. V. Since the Elephants Club, as promised by its treasurer, doubled again all cash donations collected during the event, even a total of 10,000 EUR could finally be transferred for the school and training project in Kenya!

After the official presentations, there was as usual a lot of opportunity for personal and professional exchange. Special thanks go to the BMW Group IT and Mr. Klaus Straub as well as to all participants, supporters and donators.


27. + 28.11.2018 – BIM World Munich

BIM World Munich

BIM World Munich

The event in Munich clearly showed that BIM (Building Information Modeling) is increasingly establishing itself in the German-speaking world – not only out of academic interest, but also with concrete projects, tools and processes. The exhibition was primarily supported by vendors who presented the breadth of the existing offerings.

In addition, there were many opportunities for subject matter discussions and for collecting recent information.






07. + 08.11.2018 – Digital2018 at Cologne

Eingang zur DIGITAL2018

Entrance to DIGITAL2018

After the end of CEBIT at Hanover, also with its modified concept, new possibilities open up for other formats and locations. DIGITAL2018 is surely one of the most interesting ones. It was attended by well-known politicians (e.g. Prof. Dr. A. Pinkwart and Sigmar Gabriel) as well as internationally renowned speakers and personalities (e.g. Steve Wozniak) and well-known stars (e.g. Oliver Bierhoff and Dr. Wladimir Klitschko).

The programme ranged from exciting lectures on the main stage and several other stages to exhibitions and demonstrations of innovative products and solutions. The range was impressive, see e.g. the topic Digitization & Innovation in Sports.

Last but not least, there was the opportunity to meet and network with many business friends at this event.


Prof. Dr. Pinkwart

Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart

Sigmar Gabriel

Sigmar Gabriel








Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak

Bierhoff & Dr. Klitschko

Oliver Bierhoff & Dr. Klitschko










04.07.2018 and 14.08.2018 – GDPR (DSGVO)

The GDPR (in German: DSGVO) had fully tied up aproxito GmbH as well as many other companies and organizations over the last few months. In the meantime, the Data Protection Declaration has been adapted, the web pages have been modified and the documentation has been updated. However, still some questions remain open.

Elephants Club bei avocado rechtsanwälte

Elephants Club hosted by avocado rechtsanwälte

On July 4th and August 14th, the Elephants Club was guest of avocado rechtsanwälte in Frankfurt for the topic GDPR (Thanks!). The large number of registrations (the first event was fully booked and hence was repeated on 14th of August) showed that there is generally still a great interest in this topic, not only for possible unresolved requirements, but also for future developments and potential risks. The opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues was definitely certainly helpful for the participants.

Elephants Club Mitglieder zu Gast bei avocado rechtsanwälte

Elephants Club members (f.l.t.r.: Dr. Oliver Janzen, Dr. Ulrich Dietz, Ralf Stankat)

Especially in the area of software development and existing applications, the topics “Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default” will certainly keep us occupied for a while longer …

handing over a donation cheque for the Panaoramaschool Frankfurt

Handing over a donation cheque for the Panaoramaschule Frankfurt. F.l.t.r.: Guido Stratmann (President of Elephants Club), Ralf Schulten (Member of Elephants Club, Partner at avocado rechtsanwälte and host of the events), Guido Kerbsties (Chairman of the Friends of the Panoramaschool Frankfurt), Dr. Ulrich Dietz (Treasurer of  Elephants Club)

As usual at the events of the Elephants Club, donation cheques for charitable projects were handed over again.

On July 4th, Dr. Dietz handed over a donation cheque for the project #checkdeinphone to the Friends of the Panoramaschule Frankfurt. The project #checkdeinphone is an initiative of the Parents Network Hessen “Integration Network” and is especially dedicated to pupils of special schools with a special focus on intellectual development. The aim of the project is to enable mentally handicapped children to develop basic skills in the safe use of digital media at an early age in a playful and child-friendly manner. Further information can be found in the Integration Network press release.

At the repeat event on August 14th, 2018, avocado rechtsanwälte proposed a project with a local focus that was ideally suited to the Elephants Club’s statutory goals of “education” and “youth welfare”. The sponsored association “Main Kind – Initiative gegen Kinderarmut in Frankfurt e.V.” supports education and children in the city of Frankfurt am Main and is under the patronage of the Lord Mayor of Frankfurt a.M., Peter Feldmann. The chairman of the association, Ms. Sandra Schellhase-Bender, introduced the association and its goals and gladly accepted the donation cheque of the Elephants Club.

Donation cheque handover to MainKind

Donation cheque handover to MainKind (v.l.t.r.: Dr. Ulrich Dietz, Sandra Schellhase-Bender, Ralf Schulten, Guido Stratmann)

A goal of the association and the association’s work is to provide the possibility for the participation in education and maintenance also to those children, who could not participate otherwise. Therefore, the Elephants Club specifically supports an educational project in which school tuition is combined with food supply. Dr. Dietz was able to present a cheque from the Elephants Club for an initial EUR 3,000. Subsequently, the donation amount provided by the Elephants Club was increased by the cash donations received from the participants during the event and by another donation from avocado rechtsanwälte, so that he was finally able to transfer a higher amount to the account of Main Kind.




28.06.2018 – IT-Innovation Summit

Finaki IT-InnovationSummit

Finaki IT-Innovation Summit

A highly interesting event at Munich during which more than 20 mostly young companies and start-ups could present their innovative approaches and solutions. Very interesting also the impuls lectures about criteria and preconditions for successful innovations.

Good input for all “old” and established companies!






13.06.2018 – CEBIT

CEBIT 2018: Europe’s business festival for innovation and digitization in a creative atmosphere

The Elephants Club traditional meeting at CEBIT was this time hosted by SAP. It provided the opportunity to visit some of the special highlights at the SAP booth during a guided tour.

Blockchain bei SAP

Blockchain at SAP

At its large booth, SAP had invited a number of business partners to present innovative solutions and topics related to digitization on the way to becoming an intelligent company, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud, and many more, in several joint booths, as if in a showcase.

Stand von SAP und IBM

Booth of SAP and IBM






Each participant received a headset so that everyone could hear the explanations well and questions could be discussed and clarified directly.

Intelligent Entertainment Park


At the latest stage of our tour we were introduced to the concept of an “Intelligent Entertainment Park”, including the “Digital Twin” of a Ferris Wheel. So it was a good fit that we could end our tour with a ride on the SAP Ferris wheel.

Blick aus dem SAP-Riesenrad auf die CEBIT 2018

View from the SAP Ferris wheel onto CEBIT 2018



This “Ferris wheel of innovation” at the centre of the new CEBIT has the potential to develop into an impressive new CEBIT landmark. And for the participants of our event there was the possibility to get a lasting impression of the new CEBIT and its event area from above.


As treasurer of the Elephants Club, Dr. Dietz then took on the pleasing task of handing over a donation cheque to the ReDI School of Digital Integration. “Using technology to break down barriers and connect the leaders of tomorrow” is the slogan of the ReDI School for Digital Integration at Berlin. It is important and necessary to challenge and support young people, especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers. The founder and CEO Anne Kjaer Riechert (left in the picture) had come to the presentation herself and brought Hussam, one of the students. Both presented the concept of ReDI School of Digital Integration: To do good, to act sustainably, young, diverse and innovative – it was shown how it all fits together and can be “lived”.

Scheckübergabe an die ReDI School for Digital Integration

Handing over the donation cheque to the ReDI School for Digital Integration

06.06.2018 – India Days

India Days im Stadion des 1. FC Köln

India Days in the stadium of 1. FC Köln

The annual India Days in Cologne have established themselves as a fixed date for exchanging views on current business developments in India. In addition to current facts and figures from and about India, there were reports from German companies active in India – not only in the areas of IT and software, but also in production and sales. The reports were supplemented by the views of Indian participants – hard facts (economic data) and soft facts (intercultural insights).





17. – 19.04.2018 – conhIT

conhIT 2018

conhIT 2018

conhIT (meanwhile been renamed to DMEA) at Berlin is probably Europe’s most important trade fair for health IT. It combines trade fair, congress and networking. It was again a good opportunity to find out about current trends and innovative ideas, but also to refresh existing contacts with potential customers.







End of 2017

At the end of the year, aproxITo says “Thank you” for all the joint efforts, for all suggestions and fruitful discussions and for trust and support during the past year.

aproxITo wishes all customers, business partners and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


At this year’s Elephants Club General Assembly, Dr. Dietz was confirmed and re-elected as a member of the board and as the treasurer of the Club.



Again an opportunity to hand over a donation on behalf or the Elephants Club, this time to a primary school in the greater Cologne area for the implementation of an IT/media concept.


Thanks to additional donations to the Elephants Club, an augmented donation could be handed over to Shangilia e.V. and their patron Frank Plasberg. This was a good opportunity to take a look again behind the scenes of a TV studio.

Augmented donation to Shangilia e.V. (f.l.t.r.): Dr. Oliver Janzen, Anja Faber, Frank Plasberg, Dr. Ulrich Dietz


Deutscher Ingenieurtag 2017 of the VDI (The Association of German Engineers) at Düsseldorf: More Chances than Risiks through Digitalization!



Challenges of the Digital Transformation” presented by well-known speakers at a meeting of the Elephants Club at Frankfurt. In particular, Dr. Kurt Servatius, HR Director in the Allianz SE, presented the “Digitalization as a Catalyzer of the HR Transformation” and Helmut Gerhards, Chief Digital Officer of DAK-Gesundheit, explained, why the patient is the winner of the digitalization in health care.


As the last item on the agenda of the event, a donation was handed over to the charitable association Shangilia e.V. for the support of a childrens home and school in Nairobi, Kenya.

Handover of donation (f.l.t.r.): Dr. Ulrich Dietz, Dr. Oliver Janzen, Guido Stratmann, Anja Faber (chairwoman of the board of Shangilia e.V.), Andreas Dripke, Ralf Stankat


Visit of the conhIT (meanwhile been renamed to DMEA) fair at Berlin – opportunity for many good discussions around exciting innovative IT solutions for the health care business.


With Cloud Ecosystems e.V. at the Spring Meeting in the Google Development Centre at Munich. Impressing presentations about cloud solutions, fascinating insights into a very special working culture at Google and a good opportunity for business networking accompanied by Google’s own beer, the “gBräu”.

Thanks to Cloud Ecosystem for this invitation!



Participation at the International IT&BPO Germany Forum of the German Outsourcing Association in the Microsoft Atrium at Berlin. Highly interesting presentations about business strategies and various service offerings in the outsourcing and offshoring business.


This year again, CeBIT provided an opportunity for a personal meeting at the event of the Elephants Club – this year at the booth of the German BusinessCloud.

Together we could hand over a donation to a Kindergarten at Hamburg Billstedt for a “Magic Carpet”, a projector which takes the children into a virtual environment.


A small chocolate elephant was given to Ms. Türling as a Thank You for great organization and support of the Elephants Club event.


With the Elephants Club guest of PwC at Frankfurt for a presentation of the Daimler group. Dr. Stefan Eberhardt, Director IT Cross Functions & Service, Daimler AG, presented the Cyber-Security strategy of the Daimler group.


It was a pleasure to hand over a donation of the Elephants Club to Mr. Ulrich Wickert („Mr. Tagesthemen“ until 2006), voluntary member of the Board of Trustees of the Plan-Stiftungszentrum, in favour of the goals of Plan International.

And last but not least, the splendid view on the Frankfurt skyline from the premises of PwC in the 48th floor of Tower 185 was absolutely impressing. Thanks to the great host PwC!



aproxito wishes all customers, business partners and friends a great new year filled with happiness, success and health!

14.11. – 17.11.2016:

Medica at Düsseldorf provided the opportunity for meeting Dr. Dietz and one of the Indian partner companies of aproxito. Thanks for all the exciting discussions with exhibitors and visitors of the fair!


Interview with Dr. Dietz about “The Three Sides of IT-Sourcing in Germany” in the “Interview Edition” of the Outsourcing Journal of the German Outsourcing Association.
The Journal with interview is available for download: http://www.outsourcing-journal.org/Special-Editions/outsourcing-journal—interview-edition.html


Visiting the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) for “Virtual Reality” with the Elephants Club – today HLRS is the most performant computing center of Germany and worldwide in the TOP 10. Thanks to imsimity GmbH for making this visit possible. It was a pleasure to hand over a donation of the Elephants Club to a school together with the Head of the Visualisation Department of the HLRS, Dr. Wössner.

ECdonation_at_HLRS EC_at_HLRS


Dr. Dietz was invited to the ITO&BPO Germany Forum of the German Outsourcing Association in the Microsoft Atrium, Berlin, to participate in the panel discussion about “The Buyer Side – Requirements, Problems and Experiences of Users in Germany”.



At CeBIT 2016 guest of T-Systems together with the Elephants Club. Thanks to the gorgeous host T-Systems! During the event the Elephants Club could hand over a donation to the DRK (German Red Cross). The donation was made for an infrastructure project in which Elephants Club member Dorothée Appel (see pictures) had actively volunteered for several weeks – a great example of the volunteerism of the club and its members!

CeBIT2016_EC CeBIT2016 CeBIT2016


Dr. Dietz will support the Innovationsnetzwerk Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg e.V. as a member of the Advisory Board.



Dr. Dietz was elected again as a member of the Section Board of the section Villingen-Schwenningen / Donaueschingen of the Economic Council (Wirtschaftsrat der CDU e.V.).

vlnr – Prof. Manfred Kühne, Dirk Beil, Dietmar Böhnke, Dr. Michael Fritz, Stella Molitor, Wolfgang Beyer, Ralf Dreher, Dr. Ulrich Dietz