means global sourcing of services, e.g. for software development, IT and engineering services from offshore (“offshoring”). Offshore includes nearshore (including Eastern Europe) and farshore (especially India). While in the past the focus had mainly been on cost reduction through procurement from low-price countries, today the focus is primarily on the availability of experts for digitization and agile innovation.



We support on Organization, Process and Quality Management and on Global Shoring and Global ...


We work onsite & offshore with selected partners and experts with special ...


In our network highly skilled experts are available for deployment in Germany ...


IT / Software Development

Companies specialized in software development, software solutions and own software products as well as in IT and BPO services. The services comprise ...

Engineering Services

Companies specialized in Engineering and CAD services for Plant Engineering and Building Technologies including innovative methods such as BIM ...

Sales, Sourcing, Localization

Consulting companies specialized in business advisory providing India market entry strategy and facilitation services, procurement and sales ...


Looking Ahead

22. – 23.11.2022

Neujahrsempfang des Landesve-rbandes BW des Wirtschaftsrats – Dekra, Stuttgart Vaihingen

29.04.2024: Event of the Economic Council: The European Union
13.05.2024: Event of the Economic Council: As Guest at DURAVIT AG (with words of welcome by Ulrich Dietz)

Looking Back

16.04.2024: Event of the Economic Council: Foreign Markets in Africa and Latin America (with words of welcome by Ulrich Dietz)

At this virtual event of the Villingen-Schwenningen section of the Economic Council, Ulrich Dietz, as a member of the section’s board, had the opportunity to give the welcoming address. From aproxito’s point of view, this was a highly interesting event, as it focused on international foreign markets in Africa and Latin America. In particular when SMEs look beyond Europe, they…

09.04.-11.04.2024 Berlin: DMEA - Europe's leading Event for Digital Health

This year's DMEA once again offered an excellent opportunity for professional exchange on all questions relating to IT and the healthcare sector. AI in particular was a dominant topic this year, both in various presentations and technical discussions ...

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