Our Company

aproxito was founded in 2008.



The founder and Managing Director of aproxito, Dr. Ulrich Dietz, has

  • 35 years of professional and industry experience, out of which
  • 25 years of experience with outsourcing,
  • 20 years of experience with Global Sourcing and Offshoring, as well from user and vendor point of view,
  • 20 years of experience in working with Indian companies,
    out of which
  • 6+ years of experience in heading the German subsidiary of an Indian TOP15-IT-Company and
  • several years in Strategic Purchasing of a big German corporate group;
  • more own experience e. g. in heading SW and HW development, project management, quality management, organization tasks, I&C infrastructures und I&C technologies.

There have been various publications, interviews and citations of Dr. Dietz on outsourcing and global shoring, e.g. in Beschaffung Aktuell (organ of the Association Supply Chain Mangement, Procurement and Logistics “BME”), computerwoche, silicon.de, PRO:FIT, on the competence-site.de (virtual roundtable of BITKOM) and in the Outsourcing Journal, …

Some of the Clients of aproxito and aproxito’s Offshore-Partners:

  • DAX30 enterprise in pharma: onsite SW development services over several years
  • Mid-Size Publ. Ltd. (AG): SW development by Offshore Partner in the area of image processing
  • Mid-Size Publ. Ltd. (AG): engineering, dimensioning and CAD services by Offshore Partner in the area of plant engineering / piping
  • Mid-Size Publ. Ltd. (AG): engineering, dimensioning and CAD services by Offshore Partner in the area of HVAC / MEP
  • Mid-Size Company (GmbH): Flow analysis with Moldflow for plastic injection molding by Offshore Partner
  • Offshore Partner / German Client: onsite coordination services by several staff members over several years

Social Responsibility:

aproxito is

  • Education Partner Club of Rome Schools
  • MINT Education Partner of the Th.-Strittmatter-Grammer School in St. Georgen (MINT: Mathematics, computer science, Natural sciences, Technology)

Furthermore, aproxito supports several organizations and non-profit associations
through membership and cooperation, either as company or through

Memberships / Volunteer Work of Dr. Dietz:

  • Elephants Club e. V. (charitable IT Business Club: till 2021 long-standing membership and work as treasurer, member of the Executive Board, member of the Advisory Board, Auditor)
  • VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e. V. (The Association of German Engineers)
  • Wirtschaftsrat (German Economic Council, 10+ years of membership in the Sectional Board)
  • German Outsourcing Association (independent network of users/buyers, consultants and providers of IT and business process services)
  • Innovationsnetzwerk SBH e. V. (regional Innovation Network; member of the Advisory Board, till 2018)