Despite COVID-19

aproxITo could and can still be reached via the usual electronic channels, i.e. email, phone, XING, Skype and other common video and web conferencing tools etc. Although the number of face-to-face meetings was reduced at times, telephone and web conferencing were always still possible and have now become an important part of the “new normal”. Likewise, the services of our business partners in offshore have also been and continue to be provided throughout with only extremely minor restrictions, in some cases from home offices. 

For our clients, this situation has not only disadvantages, as the following client quote shows: “… has adapted exceptionally well to working in a COVID-19 world. The team continues to above-and-beyond in delivering great work during these challenging times. The team is working remotely in an extremely effective manner, and I would almost say that the team is working better than ever!” We keep our fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy!