07.06.2021 – aproxITo gives a donation for the competition „F1 in Schools“

aproxITo supports the regional MINT education with a donation. MINT stands for Mathematics, Information technology, Natural sciences and Technology. The donation is in favor of the „Cubic Racing“ team of the regional high school to enable participation in the „F1 in Schools“ competition.

“Formula 1 in Schools” or, internationally, “F1 in Schools” is an international competition for school students that is held in over 50 countries. The objective of the competition is to develop a small racing car, powered by a CO2 cartridge, by using CAD modeling and optimizing it in terms of fluid dynamics, to name just a few challenges, and then to manufacture it or have it manufactured by means of CNC or 3D printing. The vehicles of all participating teams then compete against each other in test races, and race times are measured and recorded.

In addition to the results from the race runs, more evaluation criteria are included in the overall result. For example, written presentations and explanations (“portfolios”) on technology, management, processes and cost-efficiency as well as teamwork and oral presentations are also assessed.

For its support, aproxITo received a certificate as a MINT Education Partner, see picture.