04.07.2018 and 14.08.2018 – GDPR (DSGVO)

The GDPR (in German: DSGVO) had fully tied up aproxito GmbH as well as many other companies and organizations over the last few months. In the meantime, the Data Protection Declaration has been adapted, the web pages have been modified and the documentation has been updated. However, still some questions remain open.

On July 4th and August 14th, the Elephants Club was guest of avocado rechtsanwälte in Frankfurt for the topic GDPR (Thanks!). The large number of registrations (the first event was fully booked and hence was repeated on 14th of August) showed that there is generally still a great interest in this topic, not only for possible unresolved requirements, but also for future developments and potential risks. The opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues was definitely certainly helpful for the participants.

Elephants Club members (f.l.t.r.: Dr. Oliver Janzen, Dr. Ulrich Dietz, Ralf Stankat)

Especially in the area of software development and existing applications, the topics “Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default” will certainly keep us occupied for a while longer …

Handing over a donation cheque for the Panaoramaschule Frankfurt. F.l.t.r.: Guido Stratmann (President of Elephants Club), Ralf Schulten (Member of Elephants Club, Partner at avocado rechtsanwälte and host of the events), Guido Kerbsties (Chairman of the Friends of the Panoramaschool Frankfurt), Dr. Ulrich Dietz (Treasurer of  Elephants Club)

As usual at the events of the Elephants Club, donation cheques for charitable projects were handed over again.

On July 4th, Dr. Dietz handed over a donation cheque for the project #checkdeinphone to the Friends of the Panoramaschule Frankfurt. The project #checkdeinphone is an initiative of the Parents Network Hessen “Integration Network” and is especially dedicated to pupils of special schools with a special focus on intellectual development. The aim of the project is to enable mentally handicapped children to develop basic skills in the safe use of digital media at an early age in a playful and child-friendly manner. Further information can be found in the Integration Network press release.

At the repeat event on August 14th, 2018, avocado rechtsanwälte proposed a project with a local focus that was ideally suited to the Elephants Club’s statutory goals of “education” and “youth welfare”. The sponsored association “Main Kind – Initiative gegen Kinderarmut in Frankfurt e.V.” supports education and children in the city of Frankfurt am Main and is under the patronage of the Lord Mayor of Frankfurt a.M., Peter Feldmann. The chairman of the association, Ms. Sandra Schellhase-Bender, introduced the association and its goals and gladly accepted the donation cheque of the Elephants Club.

Donation cheque handover to MainKind (v.l.t.r.: Dr. Ulrich Dietz, Sandra Schellhase-Bender, Ralf Schulten, Guido Stratmann)

A goal of the association and the association’s work is to provide the possibility for the participation in education and maintenance also to those children, who could not participate otherwise. Therefore, the Elephants Club specifically supports an educational project in which school tuition is combined with food supply. Dr. Dietz was able to present a cheque from the Elephants Club for an initial EUR 3,000. Subsequently, the donation amount provided by the Elephants Club was increased by the cash donations received from the participants during the event and by another donation from avocado rechtsanwälte, so that he was finally able to transfer a higher amount to the account of Main Kind.